we all have a story to tell

let me tell yours

Vanessa is an austrian based people photographer.

Her strenght lies withing the compassion to tell peoples stories in an aesthetic and honest way.

With her soon to have bachelors degree as a graphic designer, Vanessas eye is trained to notice interesting composition, curate work professionally and generate new ideas at all times.

more about me

Forms and shapes of majorca

Roadtrpping through Majorca brought me a lot of insights on my photographic eye.

I was traveling all alone with my film camera, shooting and doing things that I enjoy. While only having a black and white film with me on a colorful island I had to focus more on light and compositon. The results really satisfy me as they are raw, interesting and with big space for imaginational storytelling

Streetlife of Morocco

As a photographer in love with raw and real life moments, I had to visit Morocco.

The vivid street life really fascinated me, it felt like going back in time. The visuals of Marrakech still look the same as 30 years ago we noticed in a photography exhibition.

Even though the lights and colors in Morocco are stunning, I thought black and white would show the essential of the image more.